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This page is public and is a brief overview of camps the Troop 747 visits or has visited throughout the year. The Scouts are adding new camp spots every year during planning. For members, please login to the site and visit resources camp page. 


Dragoon Camp


Aravapai Canyon


Picacho Peak

Attending during the battle re-enactment gives lots for Scouts to do. Hike to the top of the Peak. Watch the re-enactment. Enjoy Camping with the Scouts.


Lawton - Winter Camp

Winter Camp! Pack alot of clothes for warmth. Stay in the cabins and have a great time. Hot Cocoa always at the ready.


Parker Canyon

Spend the camp paddling with friends. Also, a great opportunity to earn the canoeing, camping, and fishing merit badge. Lots of fun and achievement all in on place. 

Troop 747 travels to many campgrounds. Patrols help with the planning of the camp trips and locations.

Above is a list of a few campgrounds that have been attended and some of their details. Join us and your Scout will visit many camping sites.

Parents are welcome to attend campouts. With enough Parent volunteers, a Parent Patrol can form to plan food and community for those parents able to attend.