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10/12 Troop 747 Weekly Newsletter

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Troop 747 Weekly Newsletter
Current Troop Events:
This Weeks Troop Meeting
Troop Mtg B of R, Advancement
Current Merit Badge
Personal Fitness Merit Badge: Please see Mr. Baker if you still need to finish parts of the merit badge.           
Camping Merit Badge: 
Make up sessions at 630 before the Troop meeting.
Save the Date: Summer Camp 2016 has been voted on and secured for Camp Fiesta Island 6/26/2016 – 7/2/2016  More details to come.
There is no camp out for October.  *Originally scheduled Anza Trek has been moved to January 22-24 2016.
Our advance coordinator, Sheri Schneider, will be out of town from September 9th through October 28th. Chris Durnan will be coordinating the Boards of Review.  Remember scouts must have their Boy Scout Handbook for reviews and dress in full class”A’s”.
If your scout gets any merit badges completed during this time they may be handed into Chris or Jerry Schneider.
Popcorn orders can be picked up Oct 31st @ 7922 S. Castlebay… call to make arrangements for pickup if you need it that day or later.  574-2540 Thanks,  Martha

U of A Concessions: Parents or Boys Scouts 16 and older: Sign Up to Volunteer to work during a U of A home football game.  This is a great opportunity to raise money for Boy Scouts camp accts.   Sign up Genius

BSA membership fees will be due at the Nov. 5th committee meeting. Please fill out a registration form at any Troop meeting or print a copy from the link at the top of the newsletter.  Turn in completed forms and BSA registration to Jennifer Cimino.

The people listed below will need to finish any training listed if planning on continuing in their current position:

Mary Altenbernd- Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Todd Warner Altenbernd Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Anita Irene Bell Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

John Anthony Cable Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Ivan Collazo Assistant Scoutmaster- S11 Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills & S24 Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific Training

Donna Dean Diana Darnell Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Michael Karel Lindsey Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Zachary Michael Mathis Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Ernesto Godinez Velarde Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

John Daniel Williams Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Kathleen Virginia Wingstrom Committee Member- WS10 Troop Committee Challenge-ELearning

Where to find your training:

These courses are available in the e-Learning section of . A login is required, but anyone may create a user account and view the courses. Registered members of the BSA may provide their member numbers (as part of the user profile) to receive credit.

Troop Committee Challenge

Supplemental training to benefit the Troop: Physical Wellness – Safe Swim Defense – Safety Afloat – Weather Hazards – Climb On Safely – Trek Safely


Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills(IOLS)

Upcoming Dates:  November 13-14, 2015- Camp Lawton- Register Now


Cochise Super Saturday Training will include:

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills(IOLS) and Leader Specific Training will also be @ Council Camp-o-ree

Upcoming Dates: Oct 24, 2015 9am-3pm, Where Sierra Vista, AZ, USA (map), email: Mike Stallcup

10/17 @ Corpus Christie Craft Fair: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
We will need scouts to set up, serve food and clean up. Parents can also help by preparing a crock pot of beans or rice. The sign up will be out at Thurs. meeting. Class A or B attire is necessary.
Upcoming Troop Dates:
10/22 Troop Mtg Colossal Cave sign up, Veterans celebration planning
10/29 Troop Mtg & Court of Honor (6:30) See details & potluck sign up below!
11/5 Troop Committee Meeting (Full Class A)
11/12 Annual “Honor Our Veterans” Celebration @6:30 pm
Additional Scouting events that may be of interest:
  • Fall Merit Badge Day – November 7th –Bear Canyon Ward, 9541 E. Synder Rd.
    Cost: $8.00 per person, Lunch Included , Late Registration/Walk-ins – $14.00
    To Register:
    Merit Badges Offered:
    Full-Day Merit Badges: Automotive Maintenance, Chess, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications,   Environmental Science, First Aid, Game DesignHalf Day Merit Badges: ) Chemistry(am only), Coin Collecting (pm only), Digital Technology (am & pm), Electricity (am & pm),Geocaching(am & pm), Geology (am & pm), Nuclear Science (pm only), Painting (am & pm), Personal Management (am & pm), Plumbing (am & pm), Public Health(am & pm), Programming (am & pm), Traffic Safety (am & pm), Welding (am & pm),Woodwork (am & pm) NO Pre-work Chemistry, Geology, Nuclear Science, Painting, Plumbing, &Traffic Safety. For all others see the pre-work document at the link below:         Merit Badge Pre-Work:
  • Horsemanship Merit Badge
  • Stamp Collecting Merit Badge
  • Leatherwork MB at Tandy Leather
Additional Announcements:
Court of Honor is a Chili Cook-Off.. Please support your scout in cooking chili, there will be a $25.00 gift card for the chili voted #1. The Scouts are to prepare the Chili.
A group meal has been created using, and you’ve been invited to participate!
This group meal is for: October 2015 Court of Honor
To occur on Thu, October 29 at 6:30 pm
You can access the group meal by clicking here, or by visiting
There will be a first prize. Also, all boys that participate will earn one of their Cooking Merit Badge Requirements (Eagle Required).

Needed: Secretary to take notes at the committee meetings.

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Please submit all entries and updates for the weekly newsletter by 6pm Sunday.

Yours in Scouting,
Caroline Carson

Troop 747 Committee Chair