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Troop 747 Weekly Newsletter August 31 – September 8, 2015

Troop 747 Weekly Newsletter August 31 – September 8, 2015

Current Events:

Popcorn Sale Time: (see sign up on Thurs)

Martha Wysocki is our Kernel Captain

Thanks Martha and the seven participating families, the sales were strong this weekend at St Pious, Corpus Christie and the other booths.  Remember if your scout signs up for a booth and time slot, they must keep their commitment or find a replacement. Please contact Martha immediately if there are any changes

September 3, 2015 Committee Meeting: fund raising, budget, etc. Please email me your questions a head of time, so we can research answers if necessary.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge: Please see Mr. Baker if you still need to finish parts of the merit badge.

Camping Merit Badge: Meeting Thursdays at 6:30. Bring your scout book.  (Scouts record camping days in your book pg 444)

Medical Records: (see attachment below) please bring in your updated records

Gaslight: Bring cash or check to purchase your Gaslight tickets, Henry Porter and the Sorcerer’s Secret

Mud Run: (see sign up on Thurs to volunteer or click this link to save 10 percent and run with us!


Upcoming Troop Events:

  • September 3 Troop and Committee meeting (wear class “A”) budget talk, patrols need menu and $10.00 (exact amount please) for grub master THIS THURSDAY
  • September 10 Board of Review and Troop elections
  • September 11 – 13 Family Camp Parker Canyon Lake
  • September 18 – 20 Order of the Arrow Fall Ordeal ( nominated scouts may attend, ask Mr. Schneider)
  • September 17 Board of Review
  • September 25, 2016 calendar will be started (contrary to 2015 schedule, it will be in draft form only)

Additional Scouting events that may be of interest:



Time to renew Medical Records…

Expired Expiring Soon
Lukas Baker Samual Hastings
Ian Bell (AB) Michael Thurston (C)
Mark Cable  
Austin Connick  
Nathan Lindsey  
John Maxwell (C)  
Nathanial Miller  
Joey Murphy  
Trey Schneider  
Holden St.Aubyn  
Anthony Underwood  
Ulises Velarde  
Jack Williams  


Find the forms here:


Fill out the form and email it to or

print it off and hand deliver it to Kathryn Vega.

Let’s keep our Scouts safe.


Thank you Melissa for all your service to Troop 747. Thanks to Mr. Brown for organizing to First Aid and CPR class. Thanks to all the families who took the class. Thanks to the Thurston’s, Bergren’s and many others who contributed and organized the delicious Court of Honor BBQ.

Yours in Scouting,
Caroline Carson

Troop 747 Committee Chair